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Telecom is an ever evolving field where new protocols/technologies are researched, introduced, and updated after regular intervals based on technological advances, market situations, and field/conformance test experiences. Working in telecom protocol field for ~10 years, I came across number of standards in the field of SS7, VoIP, GSM, GPRS, EDGE, UMTS, and WiMAX. Though grasped basic concepts of these standards, I always felt the need of putting down important points/learnings to be able to recall (and so to retain) the knowledge gained.

This blog is a step in that direction. The articles contain my own understanding of standards - coming out of project experience, reading of various books on the subjects and standards themselves.

I have tried to emphasise on "why" as much as possible. But I know it is difficult to answer each why and also difficult to come out with reasoning behind each protocol procedure, message, and parameter. What I have tried is to note down as many important points as possible in terms of diagrams, message charts, and descriptions. As always, time is limited; some of the images may not be really good , some of the articles may not be adequate or perfect. So I urge the reader to use the content only after verifying it against standards and/or consulting it with experts in the field. Having said that, I update the articles as I go along.

In addition to telecom, I have also put articles on other topics that readers may find useful.

About Privacy: as this site belong to Google, Google's privacy policy apply. Author does not have any access to reader's personal information accessing this site. Though Google does provide statistics about the number of times site was accessed, number of unique visitors etc., there is no way for author to access information about individual readers. Please refer Google Privacy Policy for more details.

Your comments/suggestions are welcome. Do keep it coming; my e-mail ID is

-Samir Amberkar
Perfection is a journey and not a destination

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