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GSM (SAT - 3) - 35

SIM Application Toolkit - SAT continued [Under GSM]
» ME-SIM interface, 11.11 «
» SAT, 11.14 «

For few proactive commands, it is expected that user be alerted. User can then reject operation requested in the proactive command. Examples are SET UP CALL, OPEN CHANNEL for GPRS. Let us look at SET UP CALL example.

SIM would like to send proactive command.
Result code '91 XX'
XX is length of additional response data (proactive SIM command).

Response for FETCH
[Proactive command - SET UP CALL]

This contain information like number to which call is to be made, text to be shown to user during confirmation etc. Assuming that Call control by SIM is not active.
Before making a call, ME will have to confirm it with user. So it alerts user that the call is being requested by SIM. Text provided by SIM will also be shown.
User Alerted
Say user rejects the call.
ME informs this to SIM in TERMINAL RESPONSE.
[Response for SEND SMS command - user did not accept the proactive command]
SIM can take further action depending on intent of feature.
Result code '90 00'

If user had accepted the call, ME would have proceeded with CC procedure and after the call connection, it would have informed successful result to SIM in TERMINAL RESPONSE.
This complete the example.

SAT offers whole lot of possibilities for new operator specific features. Many of the operators tie up with mobile manufactures/stack developers to provide their specific features.

This complete the brief on SAT.

References: None.

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