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Reference books and reviews

Below is a list of (telecom) books referred in the tutorials. Amazon and Google books links are also given wherein preview of the book might be available.

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C      Perl      OOP      Theory      SS7      GSM      GPRS      UMTS      WiMAX      LTE     

C programming


The C Programming Language
Brian W. Kernighan and Dennis M. Ritchie
Second edition 1999
Amazon, Google books

Possibly the first and last book on C. A must book for all programmers.


C Programming FAQs
Steve Summit
Addison Wesley Longman Inc.
Original edition 1996
Amazon, Google books

This book is an expanded version of the FAQ list from the Usenet newsgroup comp.lan.c. A C programmer should read this book to test C knowledge. Original FAQ is available online at

Perl programming


Programming Perl
Larry Wall, Tom Christiansen, and Jon Orwant
O'Reilly Media
Third edition 2000
Amazon, Google books

An excellent book from Perl author themselves. Every Perl programmer must own copy of this book.

Object Oriented programming


An Introduction to Object-Oriented Programming
Timothy Budd
Addison Wesley
Third Edition 2001
Amazon, Google books

An excellent introductory book on OOP. The book has number of case studies, details on the way OOP concepts have been envisioned in C++, Java, Object Pascal etc. A must buy for all OOP programmers.

Information (Communication) theory


A Mathematical Theory of Communication
Claude E. Shannon
University of Illinois Press
First edition 1949
Amazon, Google books

Originally published in The Bell System Technical Journal in 1948. This is a work of a genius. Must have for telecom engineers. Good to read along with An Introduction to Information Theory by Pierce.


An Introduction to Information Theory: Symbols, Signals and Noise
John R. Pierce
Dover publications
Second edition 1980
Amazon, Google books

This book describes basic and core (mathematical) ideas behind Information theory. Must have for telecom engineers.


Signaling System #7
Travis Russell
Third edition 2000
Amazon, Google books

This is one of the best books on SS7, good for both SS7 professionals and students. It covers background of SS7 - telephony signaling in past, SS7 networks, SS7 layers in good detail. Also there is introductory chapter on IP telephony (H.323, IETF SIGTRAN).


The GSM system for mobile communications
Michel Mouly and Marie-Bernadette Pautet
Telecom Publishing
June 1992
Amazon, Google books

If you want to understand the basics of mobile wireless communications whether that be 2G, 3G or 4G, this is the book for you. Unfortunately, the book is bit costly and possibly out of publication.

GSM Networks: Protocols, Terminology, and Implementation
Gunnar Heine
Artech House
Amazon, Google books

To understand GSM end-to-end signaling, you will certainly need this book. It covers GSM network protocols concisely. In addition, the book has amazingly well written glossary which explain many concepts in good detail. Everyone working in GSM should own this book even if they do have GSM by Mouly/Pautet.


GPRS in practice, a companion to the specifications
Peter McGuiggan
John Wiley & Sons Ltd
Amazon, Google books

As the name suggests, while you go through GPRS specifications (after having a basic idea about GPRS), you would need this book. It covers GPRS mainly from MS point of view. So if you want more details on end-to-end flow, you may have to look in related specifications or elsewhere. The book is one of the "should have"s for GPRS professionals working on radio access side.


WCDMA for UMTS: Radio Access for third generation mobile communications
Edited by Harri Holma and Antti Toskala
John Wiley & Sons Ltd
Third edition 2004
Amazon, Google books

This is supposed to be really good book on UMTS especially for radio access topics. Though well written, it assumes that you already know good amount of UMTS. So I would say you first read UMTS by Sanchez and then start with this book or may be read in parallel. For UMTS professionals, this book is one of the "should have"s.

3G networks Architecture, Protocols and Procedures
(Based on 3GPP specifications for UMTS WCDMA networks)
Sumit Kasera and Nishit Narang
Tata McGraw-Hill publishing company ltd, New Delhi
2004, 4th reprint 2008
Amazon, Google books

Complete UMTS is here. It covers all parts of UMTS, but in brief. Students can certainly own this book.

Javier Sanchez and Mamadou Thioune
South Asian Edition 2007
(French 2nd edition)
Amazon, Google books

This is most recommended book on UMTS. It covers almost all UMTS concepts in concise details.


Fundamentals of WiMAX: Understanding Broadband Wireless Networking
Jeffrey G. Andrews, Arunabha Ghosh, and Rias Muhamed
Prentice Hall
First edition, 2007
Amazon, Google books

This is bestseller on WiMAX, but I would say it is a good reference book rather than a first book to read on WiMAX. This book along with WiMAX handbook and 802.16-2009 is a very good read.

The WiMAX Handbook
1) WiMAX: Technologies, Performance Analysis, and QoS
2) WiMAX: Standards and Security
3) WiMAX: Applications
Edited by Syed Ahson abd Mohammad Ilyas
CRC Press (Taylor & Francis group)
Amazon, Google books

This book covers number of aspects of WiMAX (mainly radio access/802-16 related). Though well written, the book require that you know basics of 802.16 standard. Good to read this book along with 802.16-2009 standard.


3G Evolution: HSPA and LTE for Mobile Broadband
Erik Dahlman, Stefan Parkvall, Johan Sköld, and Per Beming
Academic Press (Elsevier)
Second edition 2008
Amazon, Google books

If you have basic knowledge of 2G and 3G (standardised by 3GPP) technologies and want to study 3G+ or LTE, this book is the one you must read before you dive into the specifications. The book gives precisely detailed descriptions of radio access techniques involved in HSPA+ and LTE, without getting too theoretical or too practical. My suggestion would be to just go ahead and grab a copy of this book !

LTE - The UMTS Long Term Evolution
From Theory to Practice
Edited by Stefania Sesia, Issam Toufik, and Mattew Baker
John Wiley & Sons Ltd
First edition 2009
Amazon, Google books

This is a good book on LTE physical layer and compliments 3G Evolution:HSPA and LTE by Dahlman well.

SAE and the Evolved Packet Core: Driving the Mobile Broadband Revolution
By Magnus Olsson, Shabnam Sultana, Stefan Rommer, Lars Frid, and Catherine Mulligan
Academic Press
First edition 2009
Google books

This is an excellent book on 3GPP Core Network. This book along with above two LTE books covers pretty much everything that is in LTE.

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