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Project Management

Basic to project management is a triangle of 1) Cost 2) Schedule and 3) Quality. Inside the triangle is "Scope" of project.

To keep this triangle same as initially drawn/visualised, project manager has work on lot of areas, some internal to project and some external to project.

o Estimation and planning
o Project scope management
o Product/Services management
o Sales/Marketing
o Human Resource
o Procurement/Hardware management
o Responsibility management
o Customer support
o Finance/Budget management
o Competition
o Risks
o Dependencies
o 3rd party, contractor, suppolier, auditor management
o Legals
o Quality assurance
o Process management
o Reporting (both in & out and all directions)
o (Special)Customer management
o Tools management
o Technology (current and trends)
o Project execution

There are no preset priorities (or thumb's rule) to above tasks, but it lot depends on the type of project.

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