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UMTS (Iu interfaces) - 10

Iu interfaces [Under UMTS]
» UTRAN description - 25.401 «
» UTRAN Iu interface - 25.410 «
» UMTS services/capabilities - 22.105 «
» UTRAN Iur interface - 25.420 «
» UTRAN Iub interface - 25.430 «

Below are diagrams showing various Iu interfaces:

The planes use ATM, IP, or IP over ATM transports. In Control plane, additional adaptation layers are inserted; please refer ITU Q.21XX series for SAAL (SSCF, SSCOP). Q2150.1 is small layer bridging gap between MTP/MTP3b transport and Q.2630.2. Q.2630.2 is a signaling protocol for AAL2. M3UA and SCTP act as adpatations for using IP as signaling transport. Refer IETF SIGTRAN RFC 2719 for more on adaptation architecture. RFCs for M3UA is 3331 and for SCTP, refer 3309 and 4166. RFCs can be found at IETF web site.

1) Iu-CS - between RNC and MSC

2) Iu-PS - between RNC and SGSN

3) Iub - between RNC and Node B

4) Iur - between RNC and RNC

References: UMTS by Sanchez and Thioune, and WCDMA for UMTS by Holma and Toskala.

Copyright © Samir Amberkar 2010§ §o

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