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UMTS (Protocol layers - PS) - 8

Protocol Layers - PS [Under UMTS]
» Radio interface layer - 25.301 «
» NAS - 24.007/8 «
» UTRAN description - 25.401 «
» UTRAN Iu interface - 25.410 «

Below diagram shows Control plane for PS based bearer services:

User plane is shown below; IP PDN (or Internet) with browser application is taken as example:

As mentioned in earlier article, PS services use same Access Stratum entities.

PDCP entity is similar to GPRS SNDCP entity. It talk to RLC directly. LLC entity is taken out. Note that ATM has been in use everywhere. Seems IP over ATM is where world is heading.

In next article, we will have a brief look at how UMTS signaling works to get a better feel of the protocol layers we talked about.

References: UMTS by Sanchez and Thioune, and WCDMA for UMTS by Holma and Toskala.

Copyright © Samir Amberkar 2010§

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