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WiMAX (802.16 layers) - 5

802.16 layers [Under WiMAX]

802.16 layers are shown in diagram below:

MAC has three sublayers - Convergence, MAC Common Part and Security.

Service specific Convergence Sublayer (CS)

CS bridge the gap between MAC SDUs and Service specific PDUs. CS support ATM cells and Packets based IPv4, IPv6, Ethernet, and VLAN. CS maps these PDUs to proper service flow (SFID/CID). CS can also do header suppression (PHS).

MAC Common Part Sublayer (CPS)

In CPS lie the core MAC functionality like Ranging, Network entry, Connection management, Handover, Service flow management, Fragmentation, Packing, Assembly, Scheduling, Handover, ARQ/HARQ etc.

Security Sublayer

Authentication, secure key exchange, encryption comes under Security Sublayer.

PHY layer handles OFDMA transmission, PHY Ranging, Modulation (QPSK, 16QAM, 64QAM, 256 QAM), Network Entry, Handover, HARQ etc.

This complete the overview of 802.16. In next article, we will talk about WiMAX Forum.

References: WiMAX Handbook (edited) by Ahson and Ilyas, Fundamentals of WiMAX by Andrews, Ghosh, and Muhamed, WiMAX forum web site, Latest 802.16-2009 (covering amendments 802.16e-2005, 802.16-2004/Cor1-2005, 802.16f-2005 & Std 802.16g-2007 made on 802.16-2004).

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